SQL Server: How to Import Data from Sybase Advantage (adt Files)

Sybase Advantage database create separate files for eachtable and its indexes. Table files are created with extension “adt”. One canimport data from Sybase Advantage to SQL Server if she has
  • Accessto adt files
  • AdvantageOLE DB Provider
But import process is bit tricky because first you must freetarget “adt” files from its database dictionary, which can be achieved by usingAdvantageData Architect. It can be downloadedfrom http://devzone.advantagedatabase.com/dz/content.aspx?Key=20&Release=16&Product=8&Platform=6. Once you have install Advantage Data Architect, follow these step to freeyour target adt files.

1.       Clickon new connection wizard

2.       Createa connection to a directory of existing tables

3.       ProvideDatabaseName of your choice and thenprovide correct path of folder where adt files are located on your hard driveand press finish.

4.       Onceyou have created connection, it will start showing adt tables BUT still youcan’t open or export these tables as these are bound to directory.

5.       Tofree these tables, click on Tools –> Free Data Dictionary Bound Tables

6.       Provideadt file name with its complete pathand press OK button.

7.       Youradt table is now free. Now you canopen it in Data Architect. You can export or you can close Data Architect andimport this table from SQL Server Import Wizard.

Note: In next post, we will explore a simple method to import adt files by using SQL Server Integration Services Package.

In next post: How to import adt files by using SSIS package


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