>SQL Server Basics: TO_DATE() Function in SQL Server


Dealing with data conversion functions in SQL Server, database developers with Oracle or Java background usually ask one same question “is there any equivalent function TO_DATE() to convert  string into datetime or to get different formats of date ?” .
There is no TO_DATE() function in SQL Server.
Equivalent functions are CAST() and CONVERT().  Where CONVERT() is more rich function and mostly used to get different styles of datetime data.
Oracle:                SELECT to_date(’01-JAN-2009′) FROM dual
SQL Server:          SELECT CAST(’01-JAN-2009′ AS DATETIME)
Or you can use      SELECT CONVERT(DATETIME,’01/JAN/2009′)
To get output in different formats you can use CONVERT() function as follow.
SELECT @MyDate = ’01/JAN/09′
106 is style number. Get top 20 commonly used datetime formats here

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  1. there is an emp table where details of employees are present, for eg date of joining etc.i need a query which display the employes who are joining in year 1981…….your reply is highly appreciated

  2. SELECT * FROM YourTableWHERE DATEDIFF(Y,JoiningDate,'1980')=0

  3. i want to convert the date into the same format of getdate() to have comparision with the date passed from front.? how can i do that..?boston long distance movers

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