Sql Server: Insert Explicit Value for Identity Column in Table

Explicit value can be inserted for indenity column in a table. It is possible by SET IDENTITY_INSERT tablename ON. In following example “HumanResources.Department” is used. In this table DepartmentID is an identity column.
USE AdventureWorks
— check already inserted records in table
FROM    HumanResources.Department
— for explicit insert use IDENTITY_INSERT — ON
SET IDENTITY_INSERT HumanResources.Department ON
INSERT  INTO HumanResources.Department
        SELECT  55,‘TEST’,‘TEST’
— to resume implicit insert in identity column use IDENTITY_INSERT — OFF
SET IDENTITY_INSERT HumanResources.Department OFF
INSERT  INTO HumanResources.Department ( Name, GroupName )
        SELECT  ‘TEST2’,‘TEST2’
— SELECT to check newly inserted values       
FROM    HumanResources.Department
When you resume implicit insertion in identity column, next value for identity column will be the value next to maximum existing value. In our case it will be 56 as we implicitly inserted 55.

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